Welcome me hearties! Come aboard and join us for a grand pirate adventure...

The San Diego Committee wishes to extend a huge thank you to all who voted for our proposal.

Nov. 10, 2004: The Official Convergence 11 Web Site is now up and running. Please visit the official site for more information and updates.

We will be leaving this proposal site up essentially unchanged. Now that the official site is operational, this proposal will remain as an historical document.

There is much to tell and many things to see, so come along and learn what we have to offer. We set sail for San Diego to rendezvous with scoundrels, rogues and wenches, and even a few landlubbers, in the month of April in the year 2005. So come one, come all to join us for a unique mix of Gothic Darkness and Piratey Goodness for Convergence 11.

It will be a voyage like no other, that we can promise you. We will make a safe haven from storm and the Admiralty on the gentle shores of the Great Blue Pacific Ocean in a place friendly to the black-clad denizens of the Net.Goth scene. For three days and nights we will gather and carouse and drink to our health and fortune while minstrels play and the captains and crews dance the night away.

We shall live for today as if tomorrow shall never come and as if yesterday is but a fantasy. The ships await, the tide is right, and we shall ride before the wind to meet once again and share tales of our exploits far and wide.

So follow the clues we have laid out on the right to learn more about our proposal and perhaps lead you to Pirate's treasure. We hope to entice you to join us, so choose wisely and place your vote with the best bid when the time comes to cast your ballot.

What is Convergence?

Convergence is the alt.gothic news group's annual North American Net.Goth party. It is a not-for-profit event intended to benefit the people who frequent that group and affiliated on-line forums, news groups and e-mail lists. It is a combination party, reunion and music festival where on-line friends can meet and interact face to face for three days of fun.

The host city for Convergence is determined each year by a vote of past attendees and those who have registered with altgothic.com to vote for the current election. Details on the voting process and registration are posted to the alt.gothic and alt.gothic.convergence news groups on Usenet. Please hurry if you wish to vote, the mail-in registration deadline is October 18, 2004.

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